Agency Benefits

Your customers are short on time and may be only considering a fraction of the lines you represent.

With SpecSeek:

  • Customers can easily view every product from every manufacturer you represent.
  • Products can be saved as favorites or added to projects.
  • Projects can be exported, including product specs, cut sheets, IES files, and fixture schedules.
  • When your manufacturers roll out new products, they show up on the agency website.
  • Customers can view more products in fewer steps, making it simple and desirable to do business with you.

Manufacturer Benefits

There’s a good chance that many jobs are completed without your products every being considered for inclusion.

  • Product images, details, and associated files are automatically pulled directly from your website or other data source.
  • Agency personnel and customers can easily view each of your products, all within the agency website.
  • Your products will appear in relevant search results, ensuring your products are considered for specification every time they match a search query.
  • When you roll out new products, they show up on your agency partner websites.

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