More Than an Interactive Line Card!

For years, agency websites have included line cards. These are effective tools for showing the lines the agency represents, and some line cards go a step further by showing a few product and application shots. But, that’s usually where the functionality ends. Customers are forced to click manufacturer links and then search multiple sites to find the products they are seeking.  It’s a time consuming, often frustrating and inefficient way to research and select products.


Efficient. Engaging. Shareable.

The bright idea that will power your success.

SpecSeek will change the way you do business!  We provide easy access to your represented lighting manufacturer products and put fixtures directly in front of the specifier 24/7.


It’s so much more than an interactive line card!  SpecSeek is an innovative, one-of-a kind project builder designed specifically for lighting agencies and their customers. Create, share, download projects and presentation.


There has never been an easier and more efficient way to access fixtures and resources.

SpecSeek is a powerful new software tool that solves this problem. With SpecSeek, customers view an agency’s represented lines, and they search, and view, every product from every one of the agency’s lines, all without leaving the agency website. It’s a line card. It’s a search tool. It’s a project builder. And, it’s changing the way agency personnel and customers seek and specify products.

  • Search thousands of products from every represented manufacturer.
  • Easily access cut sheets, IES files, product images, product specs and related products.
  • Save favorites and build entire projects.
  • Share and export projects, complete with associated cut sheets, IES files, product specs, fixture schedules, and more.
  • The SpecSeek platform seamlessly and unobtrusively integrates with an agency’s website.