Manufacturer Benefits

You spend a significant amount of time and money creating and maintaining your website with the hope that your products will be seen. The problem is, your agency partners and customers don’t have an efficient way to review all available products when specifying a job. So, over time, they end up with a short list of manufacturers to which they always turn for particular product categories. There’s a good chance that many jobs are completed without your products ever being considered for inclusion.

SpecSeek is a powerful tool that allows agency partners and customers to quickly and easily search every product from every represented manufacturer, all without leaving the agency website. The search results include spec sheets, product details, IES files, and more! And, the SpecSeek line card interface is more than just a link to your website. It’s an engaging tool that can include application shots, videos, and featured products across all of your categories.

  • Product images, details, and associated files are automatically pulled directly from your website or other data source.
  • Agency personnel and customers can easily view each of your products, all within the agency website.
  • Your products will appear in relevant search results, ensuring your products are considered for specification every time they match a search query.
  • When you roll out new products, they show up on your agency partner websites.