Agency Benefits

Your customers are short on time, and often will not visit every one of your manufacturers’ websites when searching for products. They most likely have their “go-to favorites.” This means a customer is only considering a fraction of the lines you represent, often overlooking what might be the best products for a particular project. On top of that, they have to bounce to multiple websites to perform searches, locate specs, and download cut sheets, IES files, and other critical files. It’s a cumbersome and often frustrating process.

With SpecSeek, customers can now click a category, or conduct a free-form search, and they’ll be presented with every matching product from every manufacturer you represent…all without leaving your website. They’ll have quick and easy access to specs, cut sheets, IES files, and more. And, projects can be easily exported so your customers have quick access to everything they need to easily specify their jobs.

  • Customers can easily view every product from every manufacturer you represent.
  • Products can be saved as favorites or added to projects.
  • Projects can be exported, including product specs, cut sheets, IES files, and fixture schedules.
  • When your manufacturers roll out new products, they show up on the agency website.
  • Customers can view more products in fewer steps, making it simple and desirable to do business with you.