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The Mag 2 Spot is a 14W LED spot that is a fully adjustable Uni-Light fixture with 740 lumen output. Industry bestcolor quality and consistency is achieved through the use of single source cold remote phosphor LED module bynXicato with an L80 of +50K hours. An integral driver allows fixture to work on all Bruck low voltage tracks usingnthe appropriate adapter. The design accommodates a 40 degree beam spread reflector. Mag 2 Spot has glassnlens for protection from dust in a compact cylindrical aluminum housing with easy access for maintenance andncleaning.

Manufactured By: Bruck Lighting



Machined aluminum housing with matte chrome, black and white finish.


Bruck low voltage track systems with appropriate uni-plug adapter. Not intended for V/A track system vertical installations. For ceiling or display wall horizontal track mounts only