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WEP Light (Wood Ecological Project) is designed, handcrafted in Argentina and assembled in theUSA. A two-sided wood veneer section is fused with a malleable center panel for strength andnflexibility to create a work of art in a variety of styles and sizes. A plethora of colors for interiornand exterior of the shade are offered. Acoustic WEP lights are offered in multiple shapes andnsizes and are NRC rated by a third-party lab for absorption efficiency. The natural recycled woodnin many finish options, is complimented by a natural Argentinian lamb’s wool inner shade fornsuperior absorption. Factory assembly for most shades.

Manufactured By: Bruck Lighting


Bayonet black canopy with 108" black cord, field adjustable Camila 56: 3.08 lbs. Camila 67: 3.94 lbs. Camila 78: 6.12 lbs.


Sustainable, recycled, reconstructed wood veneer Factory assembled shades with some exceptions due to size