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The Caliber Spot is a fully adjustable, lockable, 740 lumen, uni-plug spot. Its sleek housing is machined aluminumwith a matte chrome or black anodized finish. The design allows for either a snoot with 40 degree reflector or anflared snoot with interchangeable reflectors with the use of a bayonet for a variety of beam spreads of 20, 40 or 60ndegrees. A more decorative option with a cased, opal, white glass shade is also offered. Caliber is compatible withnall Bruck tracks using the appropriate adapter. It is also offered in a line voltage version called Z10 LED Track Spot.

Manufactured By: Bruck Lighting



Machined aluminum housing with matte chrome or black finish. Optional cast glass shade.


Bruck low voltage track systems with appropriate uni-plug adapter. Not intended for V/A track system vertical installations. For ceiling or display wall horizontal track mounts only